Thursday, 22 March 2012

Episode 8 : Kannadada Kotyadhipati Questions

Fastest Finger First Questions
  1. Sort these continents in decreasing order of area : A.Africa,  B.Asia, C.Europe, D.Australia [ Answer: B, A, C, D ]
  2. Arrange the following in a sequence as per a movie name: A.Nakkere, B.Sakkare, C.Halu, D.Neenu [ Answer: D, A, C, B ]

Hot Seat Questions:
  1. Which of these is not obtained from bark of trees ? A.Chakke, B.Ingu, C.Birade, D.Quinine 
  2. In November 2011, from which island India's long range missle Agni 4 was test fired ? A.Sriharikota, B.St Mary Island, C.Wheeler island, D.Byaran island 
  3. Complete the proverb "Bellagirodella ______" ? 
  4. The main bus stand in Bangalore is named after which famous personality ?
  5. What would you call a doctor who specialises in eye treatment ? 
  6. Praveen Golkundi is an expert in which musical instrument ? 
  7. As per "Diva Diva" song from the Kannada movie "Johny mera naam, preeti mera kaam", there's only one _____ in a city ? 
  8. In an ODI cricket match, how many runs are awarded to a batsman when he scores a sixer from a no ball ? 
  9. Which of these words is synonym for the word 'Adityawara' ? 
  10. Fill up the blank .."Government Work is _____Work"
  11. What role did Dr. Rajkumar play in the movie Bhakta Prahlada.  
  12. In which of these areas in Bangalore does the Kadlekai Parishe takes place ?
  13. In which of these hills is the famous tourist spot 'Tippu drop' is located ? 
  14. Which of these cricketers has played with Sachin Tendulkar in his schools days ?
  15. Anupama Niranjana has authored which of these book comprising 365 stories for children ?
  16. Which festival is celebrated on 13th/14th day in Krishna Paksha of Phalguna month ?
Answers: 1. Ingu, 2. Wheeler island, 3. Haalalla, 4.Kempegowda, 5.Ophthalmologist, 6.Flute, 7.Padamvathi, 8.Six, 9.Bhanuwara, 10. God's, 11. Hiranyakashipu, 12. Basavanagudi, 13. Nandi Hills, 14. Vinod Kambli, 15. Dinakondu Kathe, 16. Maha Shivaratri

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