Monday, 26 March 2012

Practice 2: Kannadada Kotyadhipati Questions

Kannada KBC blog brings to second set of practice question for Kannadada Kotiyadipati game show.

Fastest Finger First: Arrange the following cities in Karnataka from as per its latitudes, starting from south to north.
A. Bangalore
B. Mangalore
C. Hassan
D. Mysore

Hot Seat Questions:

1. In 2011, who was the only retained player in Royal Challengers Bangalore franchise for 4th edition of Indian Premier League ?
A. Vinay Kumar
B. Virat Kohli
C. Manish Pandey
D. Anil Kumble

2. Which Indian state has longest coastline ?
A. Gujarat
B. Tamil Nadu
C. West Bengal

3. Which delicacy unique to the state of Karnataka traces its historical origin to a family which migrated from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh ?
A. Gobi Manchuri
B. Chow Chow Bath
C. Dharwad Peda
D. Capsicum Bajji

4. In 1972, which bank introduced world's first ATM ?
A. Citibank
B. Barclays

5. Which was first city/town in India to achieve 100% literacy rate ?
A. Trivandrum
B. Kozhikode
C. Kochi
D. Kottayam

6. Who's the author of the book "Connect the Dots", a book on non MBA Indian entrepreneurs ?
A. Rashmi Bansal
B. Chetan Bhagat
C. Narayan Murthy
D. Nandan Nilekani

7. Which bollywood actor played role of "Shashank" in Kannada movie "America America" ?
A. Rahul Roy
B. Akshay Kumar
C. Ronit Roy
D. Akshay Anand

8. In 1834, the Governor-General of India, William Bentinck, in pursuit of fiscal efficiency, appointed whom as Commissioner of Mysore state ?
A. Lewin Bentham Bowring
B. Mark Cubbon
C. David Lushington
D. Lord Canning

9. In 2000, who was first person to receive Dr. Rajkumar Award ?
A. Prathima Devi
B. MP Shankar
C. Leelavathi
D. Vijaya Bhaskar

10. Which bollywood actor played the lead role in Kannada film "Mane" by Girish Kasaravalli
A. Naseeruddin Shah
B. Om Puri
C. Nana Patekar
D. Amrish Puri

11. Which one of these plays is not written by Jnanapeetha awardee Girish Karnad ?
A. Tughlaq
B. Taledanda
C. Hittina Hunja
D. Kaadu Kudure

12. Which is southernmost place in India ?
A. Kanyakumari
B. Indira Point
C. Port Blair
D. Pondycherry

13. As per latest survey, which state has got maximum number of tigers ?
A. Karnataka
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Maharastra

14. The assassination Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, (the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary), by a Yugoslav nationalist was the proximate trigger for which war ?
A. Hundred Years
B. War Batter of Waterloo
C. World War I
D. World War II

15. Which landmark in Bangalore was built in rememberance of Richard Bourke, who was the fourth Viceroy of India and was assassinated in 1872  ?
A. Mayo Hall
B. Glass House
C. Trinity Church
D. High Court(Attara Kacheri)

Find answers at Practice-2: Answers

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