Thursday, 28 June 2018

Kannadada Kotyadipathi Season 3 - 28 June 2018 - Questions

Continued from 27th June 2018

1. What do you call a morning prayer?
Answer : Suprabhata

2. In which Olympic sport does the player attempt to throw a wood or metal spear as far as possible?
Answer : Javelin Throw

3. What is the material from which puppets in Togalu Gombeyaata made of?
Answer : Leather

4. Syn-Propanethal-S-Oxide, a chemical that causes tears in the eye, is created while chopping which vegetable?
Answer : Onion

5. An audio of a film song was played. (Minchaagi Neenu Baralu) Which film starring Ganesh is this song from?
Answer : Galipata

6. According to Hindu mythology, which is bird is the vahana of Shani?
Answer : Crow

7. Which Bharat Ratna winning Indian scientist's autobiography is titled 'Wings of Fire'?
Answer : A P J Abdul Kalam

8. Which town is home to Tibetan settlements and the Namdroling Monastry, locally known as the 'Golden Temple'?
Answer : Bylakuppe

Fastest Finger First Question 6 :

Starting from the first, arrange these steps in voting in Indian general elections chronological order.
A. Validation of Voter ID
B. Inking the finger
C. Entering A Voting booth
D. Casting Vote
Answer : C. Entering a Voting Booth, A. Validation of Voter ID,  B. Inking the finger, D. Casting Vote

1. Which of these means a quiet song intended to lull a child to sleep?
Answer : Laali

2. Which of these instruments is used to measure the heart beat of a person?
Answer : Stethoscope

3. Which of these snacks is made by frying rice flakes and then tempering it?
Answer : Chuda

4. Who is the lead pair in the 1987 film 'Olavina Udugore'?
Answer : Ambareesh - Manjula Sharma

5. Which fruit is also called 'Parangi Hannu'?
Answer : Papaya

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Kannadada Kotyadipathi Season 3 - 27 June 2018 - Questions

Continued from 26th June 2018

6.  An audio clip of a Kannada comedian was played. Identify the voice.
Answer : Mimicry Dayanand

7. In India, which direction do you have to face to spot the Pole Star in the night sky with the naked eye?
Answer : North

8. Which of these did the Government of India approve in May 2018 to promote the use of electric vehicles?
Answer : Green number plates (to offer privileges and concessions)

9. Which 16th century Sufi saint is said to have introduced coffee to India by bringing seven raw coffee beans from Yemen to Chikmagalur?
Answer : Baba Budan

10. In 2018 Karnataka Assembly Elections, along with Ramanagara which was the other constituency H D Kumaraswamy from JD(S) contested from?
Answer : Channapatna

11. Who is the first cricketer from Nepal to play in the Indian Premier League?
Answer : Sandeep Lamichhane

Fastest Finger First Question 4 :

Starting from earliest, arrange the following events from Indian history in chronological order
India's first general elections, Quit India movement, Gandhiji's birth, Dandi march
Answer : Gadhiji's birth, Dandi march, Quit India movement, India's first general elections

1. Generally, popcorn is made out of
Answer : Maize (Mekke Jola)

2. In a set of playing cards (ispeet kattu), which of the following card does not depict a human figure?
Gulama, Raja, Ekka, Rani
Answer : Ekka

3. If Apple's voice assistant is called Siri, what is Amazon's voice assistant called?
Assistant, Ana, Alexa, Amaze
Answer : Alexa

Fastest Finger First Question 5 :

Arrange the following films in ascending order of the numbers indicated in their names?
Saavira Mettilu, Eradu Kanasu, Thrimurthy, Noorondu Nenapu
Answer : Eradu Kanasu, Thrimurthy, Noorondu Nenapu, Saavira Mettilu

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Kannadada Kotyadipathi Season 3 - 26 June 2018 - Questions

Continued from 25th June 2018

6. Which Indian navy helicopter shares its name with the horse of the Rajput king Maharana Pratap?
Answer : Chetak

7. Which Indian badminton player won the gold medal in women's singles at the 2018 Commonwealth Games?
Answer : Saina Nehwal (Incidentally she defeated P V Sindhu to win gold)

8. Which of the following rivers does not originate from Gangamoola in Chikkamagaluru?
Answer : Sharavati (other options were Tunga, Bhadra and Netravathi)

9. After C V Raman and A P J Abdul Kalam, which scientist was conferred with Bharat Ratna award?
Answer : C N R Rao (other options were Satish Dhawan, Saleem Ali and M S Swaminathan)

10. Which national aquatic animal of India?
Answer : Ganges River Dolphin (other options were Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, Catla fish, Indian sea star fish)

11. Before the RBI was nationalized in 1949, for which two countries did it serve as the central bank apart from India?
Answer : Pakistan and Myanmar  (other options were Sri Lanka and Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Colony of Aden (it is a part of contemporary Yemen) , Yemen and Myanmar)

Fastest Finger First Question 3 :

Starting from the smaller, arrange the names of areas indicated in the following beauty pageants in ascending order.
Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss India, Miss Bengaluru
Answer : Miss Bengaluru, Miss India, Miss World, Miss Universe

1. What is the name of monster referred by parents to scare disobedient kids?
Answer : Gumma

2. In which of these games, Grandmaster title is awarded?
Answer : Chess

3. Which of these is a type of percussion instrument?
Answer : Dindima (or drum)

4. Which of the following social networking sites has a bird as its logo?
Answer : Twitter

5. In the Mahabharata, which of these refers to the series of questions asked by Yaksharoopi Yama to Yudhisthira?
Answer : Yaksha Prashne

Monday, 25 June 2018

Kannadada Kotyadipathi Season 3 - 25 June 2018 - Questions

Fastest Finger First Question 1 :

Arrange the following rivers as they are mentioned from first to last in Karnataka State anthem :
Krishna, Tunga, Sharavathi, Kaveri
Answer : Krishna, Sharavathi, Tunga, Kaveri

1. What do you call a person, who is jobless, eats whatever he gets and wanders everywhere (in Kannada) ?
Answer : Undaadi Gunda

2. What part of Cabbage is consumed as food?
Answer : Leaves

3. What activity is performed in a 'Garadi Mane'?
Answer : Exercise

4. An audio clip was played from the movie 'Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu' - Identify the voice.
Answer : Ananth Nag

Fastest Finger First Question 2 :

Arrange the following parts of a normal human body according to their presence in number, from highest to the lowest.
Teeth, Tongue, Ears, Fingers in Legs
Answer : Teeth (32), Fingers in Legs(10), Ears (2), Tongue(1)

1. According to Karnataka Motor Vehicles Rules, for two wheeler riders, wearing which of the following is mandatory ?
Answer : Helmet

2. Which of the following words mean both street light and light guiding life?
Answer : Daari Deepa

3. According to Hindu mythology, which is the last incarnation of Lord Vishnu?
Answer : Kalki

4. Which of the following units measure electrical power?
Answer : Watt

5.  An audio clip of a cricketer was played. Identify the voice.
Answer : Sachin Tendulkar