Monday, 25 June 2018

Kannadada Kotyadipathi Season 3 - 25 June 2018 - Questions

Fastest Finger First Question 1 :

Arrange the following rivers as they are mentioned from first to last in Karnataka State anthem :
Krishna, Tunga, Sharavathi, Kaveri
Answer : Krishna, Sharavathi, Tunga, Kaveri

1. What do you call a person, who is jobless, eats whatever he gets and wanders everywhere (in Kannada) ?
Answer : Undaadi Gunda

2. What part of Cabbage is consumed as food?
Answer : Leaves

3. What activity is performed in a 'Garadi Mane'?
Answer : Exercise

4. An audio clip was played from the movie 'Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu' - Identify the voice.
Answer : Ananth Nag

Fastest Finger First Question 2 :

Arrange the following parts of a normal human body according to their presence in number, from highest to the lowest.
Teeth, Tongue, Ears, Fingers in Legs
Answer : Teeth (32), Fingers in Legs(10), Ears (2), Tongue(1)

1. According to Karnataka Motor Vehicles Rules, for two wheeler riders, wearing which of the following is mandatory ?
Answer : Helmet

2. Which of the following words mean both street light and light guiding life?
Answer : Daari Deepa

3. According to Hindu mythology, which is the last incarnation of Lord Vishnu?
Answer : Kalki

4. Which of the following units measure electrical power?
Answer : Watt

5.  An audio clip of a cricketer was played. Identify the voice.
Answer : Sachin Tendulkar

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