Thursday, 28 June 2018

Kannadada Kotyadipathi Season 3 - 28 June 2018 - Questions

Continued from 27th June 2018

1. What do you call a morning prayer?
Answer : Suprabhata

2. In which Olympic sport does the player attempt to throw a wood or metal spear as far as possible?
Answer : Javelin Throw

3. What is the material from which puppets in Togalu Gombeyaata made of?
Answer : Leather

4. Syn-Propanethal-S-Oxide, a chemical that causes tears in the eye, is created while chopping which vegetable?
Answer : Onion

5. An audio of a film song was played. (Minchaagi Neenu Baralu) Which film starring Ganesh is this song from?
Answer : Galipata

6. According to Hindu mythology, which is bird is the vahana of Shani?
Answer : Crow

7. Which Bharat Ratna winning Indian scientist's autobiography is titled 'Wings of Fire'?
Answer : A P J Abdul Kalam

8. Which town is home to Tibetan settlements and the Namdroling Monastry, locally known as the 'Golden Temple'?
Answer : Bylakuppe

Fastest Finger First Question 6 :

Starting from the first, arrange these steps in voting in Indian general elections chronological order.
A. Validation of Voter ID
B. Inking the finger
C. Entering A Voting booth
D. Casting Vote
Answer : C. Entering a Voting Booth, A. Validation of Voter ID,  B. Inking the finger, D. Casting Vote

1. Which of these means a quiet song intended to lull a child to sleep?
Answer : Laali

2. Which of these instruments is used to measure the heart beat of a person?
Answer : Stethoscope

3. Which of these snacks is made by frying rice flakes and then tempering it?
Answer : Chuda

4. Who is the lead pair in the 1987 film 'Olavina Udugore'?
Answer : Ambareesh - Manjula Sharma

5. Which fruit is also called 'Parangi Hannu'?
Answer : Papaya