Friday, 30 March 2012

Episode 12 : Kannadada Kotyadhipati Questions

Hot Seat Questions :
  1. Twig of which tree is used for brushing teeth? Bevu(Neem), Tengu(Coconut), Hunase(Tamarind), Aala(Banyan)
  2. What do you call a goldsmith in Kannada? Nekara, Kammara, Badagi, Akka saaliga
  3. Which place in Karnataka lends its name to a variety of saree and a variet of granite? Sandoor, Ilakal, Hubballi, Belagavi
  4. Who among the following are the founders of Vijayanagar Empire? Krishnadevaraya, Nrupatunga, Chandragupta Maurya, Hakka Bukka
  5. Kodava community are the native of which part of Karnataka? Shimoga, Hubballi, Kodagu, Mangaluru
  6. Who played the role of Tipu Sultan in the serial 'The Sword of Tipu Sultan'? Salman Khan, Sanjay Khan, Feroze Khan, Amir Khan
  7. In which city is the India Gate situated? Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata
  8. Who directed Nagarahaavu, a film in whihc Dr.Vishnuvardhan was first cast as a hero? Gubbi Veeranna, Honnappa Bhagavatar, Puttanna Kanagal, Seetharam Shastry
  9. In the movie 'Excuse Me' whom does the hero ask to get down to road in a song(Rodigili _____)? Latika, Sarika, Bhumika, Radhika
  10. As used in car racing, what does F1 stand for? Features One, Faster One, Formula One, Frame One
  11. 'Madarangi' or  'Mehandi' is also known as? Gosumbe, Goranti, Goravanka, Golla
  12. By what name is the award bestowed by American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science is popularly known? Grammy, Nobel, Oscar, Amy
  13. Falling of which fruit inspired Sir Issac Newton to formulate the theory of gravity? Apple, Guava, Banana, Ananas
  14. In Ramayana, who convinced Kaikeyi that Sri Rama should be exiled from the kingdom? Sumitra, Bharata, Dasharatha, Manthare
  15. In the movie Aishwarya, who played the role of hero opposite Deepika Padukone? Upendra, Ambarish, Sudeep, Darshan
  16. Which of the following is the smallest recognized breed of dogs?  Terrier, Pug, Chihuahua, Poodle 
  17. Which among the following was established in 1997 by V G Siddhartha and has over 1200 outlets? Star Bucks, Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, Pizza Hut
  18. Male is the capital city of which country? Malaysia, Malavi, Maldives, Madagascar
  19. According Mavalli Tiffin Room(MTR), which of the following food item was invented by them during the 2nd world war? Masale Dose, Bisi Bele Bath, Chakkuli, Rava Idli
Answers : 1.Bevu(Neem), 2.Akka saaliga, 3.Ilakal, 4. Hakka Bukka, 5.Kodagu, 6.Sanjay Khan, 7.Delhi, 8.Puttanna Kanagal, 9.Radhika, 10.Formula One, 11.Goranti, 12. Oscar, 13. Apple, 14. Manthare, 15.Upendra, 16.Chihuahua, 17.Cafe Coffee Day, 18.Maldives, 15. Rava Idli

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