Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Episode 11 : Kannadada Kotyadhipati Questions

Fastest Finger First Question :
  • Arrange the qualifications mentioned in the following film titles in the ascending order of attaining them? Uppi Dada MBBS, Ranga SSLC, Moorne class manja, PUC - (Ans) Moorne class, SSLC, PUC, MBBS
  • Starting from the bottom arrange the following ornaments in the order of wearing them? - bendole, sara, daabu, kalgejje - (Ans) kalgejje, daabu, sara, bendole
  • Antarctica
Hot Seat Questions :
  1. In which of the following cold regions are supply and research bases - Dakshina Gangotri and Maitri located ? Antarctica, Arctic, Greenland, Himalaya
  2. Which relative of Lord Krishna had four hands and three eyes by birth and was killed by Lord Krishna himself? Kamsa, Yuyutsu, Jaraasandha, Shishupaala
  3. Who is scheduled to succeed as the head of Tata group in 2012 succeeding Ratan Tata? Pallonji Mistry, Cyrus Mistry, Noel Tata, S Ramadorai
  4. Who was the captain of Indian cricket team which won the under-19 cricket world cup in 2008 in Malaysia? Virat Kohli, Manish Pandey, Rohit Sharma, Sourabh Tiwari
  5. Who was the Diwan of Hyderabad when India became independent? Sir M Vishweshwarayya, Sir Mirza Ismail, Diwan Poornayya, Sheshadri Iyer
  6. In 2004-05, which Indian product got the geographical indication(GI) tag for the first time? Darjeeling Tea, Mysore Sandal, Banarasi Pan, Channapatna Toys
  7. What would you call pickle in Kannada ? Badnekai, Menasinakai, Soutekai, Uppinakai
  8. According to a Kannada proverb, what always accompanies smoke? Gaali(Air), Neeru(Water), Benki(Fire), Soude(Firewood)
  9. In which of these following Kannada films did Amitabh Bachchan made a guest appearance? Duniya, Amruthadhare, Janumada Jodi, Sipai
  10. At which of these places does the Dasara procession in Mysore on Vijaya Dashami end? - Jaganmohan Palace, Amba Vilasa, Banni Mantapa, Mysore Palace
  11. In which of these fortnightlies does the cartoon series Dinga published? - Balamangala, Chandamama, Champaka, Wisdom
Answers : 1. Antartica,  2. Shishupaala, 3. Cyrus Mistry, 4. Virat Kohli, 5. Sir Mirza Ismail, 6. Darjeeling Tea, 7. Uppinakai, 8. Benki(Fire), 9. Amruthadhare, 10. Banni Mantapa, 11. Balamangala

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